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Connects employers to the brightest, most qualified candidates in the job pool, and provides job seekers access to some of the most prestigious academic opportunities!


Our onsite Career Center Placement team offers services that make job recruitment easy, efficient, and affordable, including hosting the interview process. For job seekers, whether you're a seasoned academic looking to advance your career or a PhD student looking for their first job, this is a great opportunity to take control of your career and find that perfect position!

(In 2017 we had over 100 schools conducting 600+ interviews and 2018 promises to be even bigger!) 

                                                        WHEN:      Academy of Management 78th Annual Meeting, August 10-14, 2018 

                                                        WHERE:   Fairmont Millenium Park Hotel, Chicago, Illinois 
Job Seeker Tips & Information -
  • Create your Placement account by signing in at and accessing the Placement Job Seeker link.
  • Registration for the annual meeting is required in addition to having a Placement account. 
  • Indicate in your Placement profile that you will be attending the conference. This ensures the conference logo will appear next to your profile name once the Career Center officially opens on May 15th and employers will then know you'll be there.
  • Open positions that display the Academy meeting logo beginning May 15th will have representatives onsite.
  • Many recruiters post the bulk of their positions in June and July so be patient and keep watching for new positions as they get posted.
  • Be proactive and arrange for an onsite interview in advance.
  • Walk-in appointments are not available, so be sure you have a pre-set appointment.
  • Bring copies of your CV or resume. On-site printing is limited.
  • Onsite Placement staff is available from 8 am-5 pm daily to help answer questions and guide you with interview advice.
  • Interviews typically last approximately 30 minutes, so plan accordingly. Each interview room will host between 9 and 15 schools at individual tables.
  • It's not an acceptable policy to speak with other recruiters in the room unless you have a pre-scheduled appointment with them.
                 Employer/Recruiter Tips & Information -
  • Sign up for a Placement account.
  • After May 15th, place an ad on our website and purchase an interview table (suites are unavailable).  Interview tables are $150.00.  (In addition to our current 60 day ads, 90 day ads become available May 15th.  There is no deadline for postings.)
  • Register for the annual meeting through the main registration page.
  • Reserve your housing either through our reserved block of rooms or at your own convenience.
  • Search our applicant pool and reach out to job seekers registered to attend the meeting who will have the conference logo in their profile.
  • Set your interview schedule. The only item provided will be your assigned table designation. Interview tables are 4x2. It is recommended that no more than 2 recruiters be at a table to avoid overwhelming applicants.
  • Our Placement Coordinator will provide you with an interview table # prior to the meeting (mid to late July).
  • School banners and literature are welcome.  Please take all materials after you complete your final interview, as any left behind will be discarded on Tuesday.
  • Conduct all interviews in the designated Placement area. Hotel rooms are inappropriate settings for conducting interviews.
  • Interview rooms will be available from Friday through Monday from 8am - 8pm; and Tuesday 8am - noon. Be sure to schedule your last interview no later than 11:30 am on Tuesday.
 NOTE:  The Academy provides 2 types of letters for our international registrants to assist with their travel to the U.S., both of which indicate their expected level of participation at the meeting.  
To access either letter you must first be registered for the meeting, then simply visit your AOM Member Profile and click on the 'Annual Meeting Profile' tab. Scroll down the page and click on the "Registration Letter" or "Program Participation Letter" button. This will direct you to a page with your requested letter, where you have the option to print. You will only have access to a specific letter type if you meet the above criteria. Additional detailed visa information is provided on our website here.

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