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LoewensteinAn interview with Jeffrey Loewenstein, William Ocasio & Candace Jones

The authors of the Annals Volume 6 paper, ‘Vocabularies and Vocabulary Structure: A New Approach Linking Categories, Practices, and Institutions,’ sit down and take a few minutes to discuss how they formed goals for their research and connected "different literature with different levels of analysis with macro social and cultural levels, as well as down to the level of the situation."

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PhillipAn interview with Nelson Phillips

The co-author of the Annals Volume 6 paper, ‘Organizational Discourse: Domains, Debates, and Directions,’ discusses "what Discourse Analysis is about and what it's useful for... and a new way of thinking about it that overcomes some of the previous limitations."

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Annals SMTime in Strategic Change Research

by Sven Kunisch, Jean M. Bartunek, Johanna Mueller, and Quy N. Huy from Academy of Management Annals 2017, Vol. 11, Issue 2


Key words: Strategic change, strategic management, time, temporal lens, temporal capabilities, timing, pace, sequence, frequency, rhythm, polyphony.

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Annals SMA Look Back and a Leap Forward

A Look Back and a Leap Forward: A Review and Synthesis of the Individual Work

by Joseph A. Carpini, Sharon K. Parker, and Mark A. Griffin from Academy of Management Annals 2017, Vol. 11, Issue 2

Keywords: individual performance; task performance; adaptive performance; proactive performance; organizational citizenship behaviour; review; nomological network.

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Annals SMWork-Life Flexibility for Whom? Occupational Status and Work-Life Inequality in Upper, Middle, and Lower Level Jobs

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Annals SMWhat You See Is What You Get? Enhancing Methodological Transparency in Management Research

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Annals SMIncumbent Adaptation to Technological Change: The Past, Present, and Future of Research on Heterogeneous Incumbent Response

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