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AMD-Call for Papers

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AMD publishes phenomenon-driven empirical research that our theories of management and organizations neither adequately predict nor explain. Data on these poorly-understood phenomena can come from any source, including ethnographic observations, lab and field experiments, field surveys, meta-analyses, and replication studies. AMD welcomes exploratory studies at the pre-theory stage of knowledge development, where it is premature to specify hypotheses. This research must be grounded in rigorous state-of-the-art methods, present strong and persuasive evidence, and offer interesting and important implications for management theory and practice.

AMD is a "big tent" journal inviting discoveries from all management areas and AOM divisions. AMD seeks to have an inclusive spirit—open to a variety of empirical methods without prejudice tied to particular disciplines, levels of analysis, or national contexts—and to be a playful, inquisitive, innovative journal, driven to discover!

Studies appropriate for publication in AMD provide:

  • Timely evidence about phenomena that have or may have implications for public policy or managerial practice (e.g., regarding the effects of economic conditions, corporate governance, contemporary management practices, changing employment conditions)
  • Important and interesting replications/extensions of prior findings that significantly change our understanding of an issue or its boundary conditions
  • Evidence that informs major scholarly debates in the field of management and organizations
  • New evidence-based assessments of managerial and organizational interventions
  • Evidence regarding new constructs and measures
  • Empirical explications of emergent phenomena, processes, and taxonomies

AMD Article Format

The common theme among the many types of research that AMD publishes is the exploratory process of uncovering and providing deep insight into managerial phenomena that are poorly understood. If knowledge progresses through stages of identifying important phenomena and then developing and testing theories about them, AMD focuses on the initial stage. We view AMD as a source journal that empirically describes and diagnoses poorly understood phenomena, and that conceives of hunches and conjectures for subsequent theory development and testing in other AOM journals.

We are frequently asked about the most desirable format for an AMD paper. Although we hesitate to suggest a cookie-cutter template, we suggest a paper format with a shorter beginning and a longer ending than papers in other management journals. The AMD website provides an Information for Contributors to help authors prepare and submit their papers to AMD.

Specifically, the shorter front-end might entail:

  • Grounding the topic or issue with careful description and diagnoses of the phenomenon and positioning the paper in the conversation or literature to which it contributes
  • Justifying the inquiry—What is the problem, missing link, or anomaly? What don't we know that we should? And why is this important?
  • Replacing hypotheses with research questions and/or general hunches

In turn, the longer back-end might focus on presenting a coherent argument for the plausibility of your hunch or conjecture that addresses the research findings and implications for future research and practice. This argument should:

  • show why the conjecture is better than other resolutions that can be imagined,
  • situate the conjecture into its relevant body of knowledge in the management literature, and
  • clarify and enlighten, eliciting an 'aha' reaction from AMD readers.

To submit a manuscript: first make sure you have a Word file from which the title page and all author-identifying references have been removed. Then go to Manuscript Central and follow the directions. Authors should format their manuscripts according to the AMD Style Guide

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