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AOM Connect is the Academy's online social network. This is the central resource to connect with other members, share topics, and engage in discussion across this unique global community focused on the scholarship of management topics.

We are in the process of making major improvements to AOM Connect. As a result, the website will be unavailable for a period of time. We will begin to launch a new AOM Connect soon and look forward to demonstrating what's new and hearing your feedback.

Here are some of the things we're changing about AOM Connect:

  • Public access: there will be publicly available content, including groups and discussions, to involve the full management community.
  • While also retaining private groups closed to the public to allow private workgroups, member-only conversations and more.
  • Integrated log in with our website.
  • More videos, photos and shareable content.
  • New server with enhanced performance and speed.

Here are the things that will stay the same:

  • Group centered structure with focused resources to allow you to engage in topics which are meaningful to you.
  • Division and Interest Group resources to share content with fellow group members based upon your membership profile.
  • Share your complete profile, including CV, with members - or opt to remove yourself.
  • Quickly share a status to let other members know what you are working on.
  • Ability to lead a group around a topic of interest to you.
  • Ability to subscribe to topics and posts to receive alerts about new content.

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