The AOM 2020 Career Fair ended on 14 August 2020. Please return here soon for information about our next virtual career fair, scheduled for early 2021. Thank you.


AOM 2020 Virtual Career Fair

10-14 August 2020

AOM membership is required to participate in #AOM2020. 

10-11 August

  • Employer Presentations: These unique informational presentations allow candidates access to institutional representatives who will discuss faculty expectations, teaching loads, tenure process, etc., while allowing candidates to ask questions in real-time chat rooms.

12-14 August

  • Interviews: These are the scheduled one-on-one sessions you have come to expect while attending the AOM Annual Meeting. Candidates are strongly encouraged to ask for one-on-one time with the recruiting team.

Here's How It Works

Using the AOM 2020 Annual Meeting site, employers and candidates will have the ability to connect during this virtual experience.

To begin, view or post all open positions on the AOM Jobs Board. Candidates interested in one or more positions must create an account, upload their CV along with any other application materials, and indicate their intention to participate in the Career Fair. This will enable employers to quickly identify candidates, view their application packets, and, should they choose to, invite them to schedule an interview. The interview scheduling option will become available after employers are added to the AOM 2020 Annual Meeting site. (Note: Candidates should check back often as jobs are continuously posted on our site.)

Be Prepared

PDW – 22429 (Sunday, August 9, 2020 11 am – 1 pm)
Join the Career Services Committee and our guest panelists in an AOM-led job market interactive workshop. Topics will include the do’s and don’ts within the academic job search process and statistics regarding the 2020 academic employment market, followed by a panelist-led discussion addressing the hiring process world-wide and a closing Q&A.

Still have questions? Members of the AOM Career Services Committee will have their own virtual coaching room to provide guidance to candidates about the interview process, stage practice interviews, and prepare participants for salary negotiation. Be sure to request a meeting.

How Candidates can Participate

  • Candidates can open an account or log-in here.
  • Post your CV and other application materials.
  • Register for the AOM 2020 Annual Meeting.
  • Attend employer presentations and ask questions in real-time.
  • Continue to view open positions and begin requesting one-on-one interviews.

How Employers can Participate

  • Open an account or log-in here for the virtual career fair.
  • Post your job(s).
  • Choose the Virtual Career Fair option and add all interviewers to your Career Services account.
  • Register for the AOM 2020 Annual Meeting.
  • Increase your visibility by becoming an AOM 2020 Virtual Career Fair Sponsor.
  • Host an Employer Presentation providing information about your institution to multiple candidates at the same time.
  • View candidate CVs, etc., and begin scheduling interviews.


Conference registration is required to access the meeting platform.

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