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The Academy of Management (AOM) is nearly 20,000 members strong from over 115 countries. AOM members are academics, students, and practitioners in diverse segments of management who are advancing the philosophy of management through their study, teaching, and practice. Some research the various aspects of management, while others explore the workings of successful organizations and leaders. Some dissect failures and why they came to be, while others develop hypotheses through which scholars grow their knowledge and practitioners can direct their movements. AOM members share their expertise, knowledge and demonstrated leadership in the classroom and train the next generation of leaders, while others are in the field armed with knowledge of history and cutting edge data analysis.

AOM’s central mission is to enhance the profession of management by advancing the scholarship through collaborative opportunities, which enriches the professional development of its members. There are vast networking opportunities available to AOM members to collaborate and work together to disseminate knowledge about management and organizations. Members can find colleagues through our member directory and leadership directory. The management community may also connect with us through our many social networking avenues.


Current members have access to AOM’s Member Directory for networking purposes only. Find colleagues easily by last name, country, state, province, or institution. Only members whose dues are paid are displayed. Members can also retrieve their passwords and update their contact information from this page. Non-members are welcome to join or browse the membership statistics to see the latest membership figures across AOM and in the divisions and interest groups, or view where members are around the globe.

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